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About The Division

In an ongoing effort to improve security on the University of Guyana, Turkeyen campus, the institution has implemented a Security Department, managed by, Mr. Hugh Gibson. As a team we work closely with senior officers. The Guyana Police Force and the external security service on campus to identify security issues facing the University, to implement and enhances security management in every area at the university, and across the university network.

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Safety Tips

- Always Lock Your Doors

- Beware Of The Persons Around You

- Never Leave Bags Unattended

- Don't Give Access To Strangers

- Be Careful Posting Private Info On Social Media

- If you see something says something Report the matter

STOP Campus Theft Campaign

"Never Leave Your Valuables Unattended" That is the easiest way to protect your laptop, Smartphone and other belongings from theft. The most common theft on campus occurs in our study areas. Thieves target students who leave their valuables on a desk while they go grab food or use the washroom.

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Safety & Security Division

University of Guyana, Turkeyen Campus
Greater Georgetown

(592)-222-7630 - UG Campus Police (Internal) or EXT 2236(592)-222-4929 - UG Campus Security (External)