Complaints about the Service

This procedure applies only to those members of the University of Guyana Campus Police; including management staff. Complaints against other members will be investigated and managed in accordance with the appropriate collective agreements.

Complaints may be based on service, policies, misconduct or allegations of a criminal act. To ensure that complaints made against University of Guyana Campus properly investigated, the following procedures will be followed:

  • The member receiving the complaint will obtain the complainant’s name, address and telephone number and refer this information to a supervisor.
  • The supervisor will interview the complainant and obtain details of the complaint. The complainant will be asked to provide the details in writing and to sign it. The supervisor will forward the complaint to the Manager, Campus Police Services for investigation.
  • The investigation into the complaint will be terminated if the complainant will not put the complaint in writing and sign it.
  • If the complaint alleges a criminal act by a member, the complainant will be immediately referred to the Guyana Police Force
  • The complaint will be forwarded to the Unit Commander, Complaints Review, Toronto Police Service for classification and determination of who will investigate it.
  • When a complaint is assigned to the University of Guyana Police for investigation and resolution, the Campus Police Service will appoint an investigator to conduct the investigation. The investigator will investigate the complaint and submit a full written report to the Director, as soon as practicable.
  • The Manager, Campus Police Services will review the results of the investigation and determine whether the complaint is founded or unfounded.
  • If the complaint is found to be a breach of the University’s policies, Campus Police directives, the law or professional misconduct, the Manager shall ensure that disciplinary action is taken in accordance with the appropriate Collective Agreement.
  • When the investigation has been reviewed and a determination made, the following persons will be advised in writing by the Manager:
    1. Complainant
    2. Member or members, if applicable
    3. Vice-Chancellor
    4. Guyana Police Force as applicable
  • If the member disagrees with the findings of the investigator, they may seek redress in accordance with the Collective Agreement.
  • If the complainant disagrees with the findings, they may contact the Vice-Chancellor, for a review of the investigation. If unsatisfied, an appeal may be made within the administration.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found Campus Police maintain a centralized lost and found for the campus. We often receive items such as wallets, phones, flash drives, books, etc. where the owner can be identified. In these instances, Campus Police are able to quickly return those items to their owners. Most other unclaimed items, such as clothing, are kept up to three months and eventually donated to local charities.

CCTV Cameras

Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) Campus Police maintains and administers a network of CCTV’s placed throughout interior and exterior areas of the campus. This system has proven invaluable as not only a deterrent to crime, but has assisted in identifying suspects in a number of incidents on campus. 2013 saw upgrades to this system.

Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety In our continuing efforts to reduce speeding and increase overall campus traffic safety, Campus Police use Warnings to help curb speeding on campus the unit also assists us in making our campus roads safer.